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Job Details

UX Writer

Paris, France

Job Type

UX Writer

About the Role

- Working closely with your team and other UX Writers/content designers in defining, writing, testing, iterating and localising product features across web and mobile platforms
- Contributing to content design documentation and processes, from content standards to a consistent voice and tone
- Helping to create a seamless, human-centred experience for our users
- Contributing to your team’s strategy and vision
- Being an advocate for content design both inside and outside BEHIND GAME GROUP companies/subsidiaries
- Supporting initiatives that make the Experience team at BEHIND GAME GROUP better


We value intellectual humility, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to move quickly while being pragmatic about your decisions. But above all else, we're looking for unique personalities with varied backgrounds that add something new to our team.

Aside from this, we're looking for:

  • Experience designing content for products (this isn’t a marketing role)

  • Experience working with other disciplines in product development

  • A range of skills covering the content design process end to end: from defining user journeys to writing and testing content, to preparing it for localisation

About the Company

As a UX Writer, you’ll be accountable for the communication in our products. From your very first explorations through to implementation, you’ll drive all stages of the content design process.

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