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Why join us ?

Here at the Amsterdam headquarters you can find the respective job offers of our subsidiaries.

Whatever your skills, strengths
nd talents, there’s a place for them among BEHIND GAME GROUP team.

If no offer corresponds to your profile, please send a spontaneous candidature.

That might be as a full-fledged intern, manager or consultant, in a strategic or consultancy role, joining our senior leadership team, or playing a starring role in Social Media, Digital Marketing, Data Science, IT, Risk & Compliance, HR or Finance, Motion Design.

The diversity of our subsidiaries and expertises allows us to offer employees opportunities for various developments in the same business sector or cross.

The team continues to manage your applications despite the current health situation.

We are passionate, constantly evolving, breaking boundaries and striving for excellence so we expect an open minded attitude and drive.


Professionally driven, creative and collaborative, we focus on having a healthy life and a joyful experience. In all of these ways and more, individually and all together, we are shaping the vision and propel the growth of businesses at the forefront of IT technologies.


The Holding was created, after the third global epidemic wave of COVID-19.

The co-founders developed one sphere of interest, having different backgrounds, professional upbringing and stages of development, showing that valued individual ideas give a diversity of authentic and powerful thought. Each one brings a unique perspective to the company and to the work. 

At BEHIND GAME GROUP we aim at developing a conversational visibility strategy in various sectors from SaaS technological platforms on Web Mobile and App, in close collaboration with our partners. 


We act in favor of diversity and equal opportunities, we promote working in remote and we support life and health quality and a balanced private and professional life.

Unique positions are ready to be filled by high-level professionals or young creatives, whom would prove a global attitude: investigate the world and understand the realities of today, acknowledge diverse perspectives, communicate authentically and be ready to take action. 

Mr. LOUISON Kolia,

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