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BEHIND GAME GROUP is a holding company based in London relocated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, meant to create infrastructure and unlock capital, providing early investing opportunities to startups. 


The headquarters activities are essentially the management of brands, licenses, finance

and placements, as well as the information and animation of shareholders' agreements.

Our goal is democratizing investments. 

Join and Start Investing in our values ​​and our internet platform dedicated to crowdfunding.

A 100% Digital Group

BEHIND GAME GROUP is committed to training and collaborating with experts, engineers, managers and assistants on missions and projects with high added value, with a focus on cost reduction and efficiency.

As a 100% digital Group, it develops tools and solutions for digital transformation, always looking to offer its customers innovative approaches, pragmatic and diversified Web & App solutions.

The challenge companies face is to adapt quickly and continuously to an uncertain environment. Controlling the time dimension is a key element to be able to anticipate changes.The role of leaders is fundamental in establishing compatible priorities for their company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible

The commitment of managers and employees is determinant in the implementation of corporate strategies on social responsibility.


BEHIND GAME GROUP, dedicated to performing positive change as a socially responsible company, focuses on reducing our impact on the planet by bringing two initiatives for employees :

  • reduce pollution while providing a renewable, economical alternative to electricity consume and transportation:

       - rent electric cars and bicycles via the subsidiaries;

       - reimburse the first bill for changing energy supplier         by one that favors green energy: renewable energy,             from hydraulic, wind and solar sources.

  • offer benefits to support employees and their families, as 24 weeks of paid leave for the birth parent and non-birth parent (which includes adopted children) at any time.

Happy at Work

BEHIND GAME GROUP develops tools and solutions for digital transformation, remote working and teleconsultation, with a focus on cost reduction and efficiency and the permanent concern on well-being and health of the body and mind.


Enterprise sustainability equals with innovation, agility, fresh skills, behaviors and renewed purpose.  Authentic and powerful thought brings a unique perspective to the company and to the work. 

It is challenging increasing the agility of an organisation, of the collective and of each employee to meet the objectives of sustainable performance and stay happy at work. For this purpose we designed a Program and Web App solutions.

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