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Job Details

Senior Risk, Control & Compliance Manager

Paris, France

Job Type

Senior Risk, Control & Compliance Manager

About the Role

This is a Global role, operating from HQ, which would involve a wide-range of risk, control and compliance-related activity, including:

- Control design and implementation support
- Root cause analysis and investigations
- Policy creation and maintenance
- Compliance training
- Conducting spot tests in risk areas
- Liaising with external auditors to support their testing of controls
- Process mapping training & support
- Risk identification
- Management and maintenance of the Risk Register
- Gap analysis


  • Experienced at working in (or with) fast-paced start-ups

  • Be a self-starter who is able to solve complex problems

  • Strong ability to understand and manipulate data sets

  • Demonstrate a practical, innovative, and pragmatic approach to mitigating risk

  • Flexible, adaptable, and comfortable working with ambiguity

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Able to influence and negotiate with a wide range of stakeholders

  • Have a strong ‘moral compass’

  • Be detail-oriented, but also able to see the “wood for the trees”

  • Qualified accountant with experience conducting and managing audits of large and complex listed entities

  • Have proven expertise in evaluating risks and designing controls in accordance with the COSO Enterprise Risk Management and Integrated Control frameworks

About the Company

Being right at the heart of the efforts to help BEHIND GAME GROUP continuously improve our responses to risk, we are looking for a unique candidate who has a passion for processes, systems and controls, in particular, partnering with stakeholders to transform these, ensuring that BEHIND GAME GROUP and subsidiaries are a finely-tuned execution machine.

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