Shotguns in Playerunknown’s Battleground are effective only over short distance, where the closer the target, the better. Weapons in this group deal virtually the highest damage, of all weapons – hitting an enemy from a distance of several meters usually ends in a kill, frequently also when the enemy is wearing armor. However, there are two downsides to these weapons. The first one is accuracy – the weapons are useless for combat over distance exceeding 15-20 meters, because their damage dealt drops drastically. The other issue is that each shell fired is worth its weight in gold – if you fail to kill the enemy with several shells, most probably you will die, because reloading these weapons takes forever. Weapons in this group are perfect over short distance and they are lethal indoors.

Shotguns are perfect indoors. - Shotguns | Weapons - Weapons - PUBG Game Guide

Shotguns are perfect indoors.

In the game, there are 3 shotguns available – S1897, S12K and S686. All of the shotguns can be found around the map and none of them is to be searched for in supply drops. The below table presents information on all weapons in this group – damage dealt, clip size and ammo type, czy available firing modes.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes


100 5 12 Gauge Single


92 5 12 Gauge Single


100 2 12 Gauge Single

Note – the above damage refers to damage taken by the opponent hit in the chest, without an armor. Damage dealt differs, depending on the armor type and damaged body part – See the chapter entitled “How to minimize damage taken”, for more information. ozdziale “How to minimize damage taken”.

There are several things to remember, while using this type of weaponry:

  • Shotguns are lethal over short distance and indoors – short distances allow you to hit the target with more pellets, which usually ends in the enemy’s death in one shot.
  • These weapons are completely useless over distances longer than 30-40 meters – pellets are then sprayed all over the place and they deal virtually no damage.
  • You can attach any sights to these weapons, but this defeats the purpose – attaching x8 sight makes no real sense.
  • It is a good idea to use these weapons in confined areas and indoors. If fighting takes place in a vast open area, it is better to switch the shotgun to an assault rifle or sniper rifle.
  • It is necessary that you keep an eye on the number of available shots. Reloading takes forever (shotguns are loaded with shells one-by-one), as a result of which, you can end your life right after you run out of shells. Try to erload the weapon always when you feel safe.

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