The Med Kit is a consumable item in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Med Kit is a rare consumable that can be found in general play and also in Air Drops. A Med Kit can be extremely useful as it sets the players health to 100 instantly after an 8 second cast time. The Med Kit is one of the only 4 items that can heal a player to 100% in Battlegrounds. The others being Painkiller, Energy Drink, and Adrenaline Syringe. Furthermore, it is the only item that can instantly heal to 100%, as the other 3 items listed previously take time to regenerate the player’s health. Med Kits are an effective way to recover but can be very dangerous when still in a gunfight, as they take 8 seconds to use and will cancel if you move during this time, so ensure you have cover while using a Med Kit otherwise you will essentially be a sitting duck.


The Med Kit should not be used in unneeded situations. For example, if it’s early on in game with 60+ people still alive and you have 50% percent health. Don’t waste it on something that a few bandages and a painkiller/energy drink can fix.

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