Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

designated marksman rifles (DMR) are weapons that combine characteristics of assault rifles and sniper rifles – they are a bit less powerful and have shorter range than sniper rifles, but they surpass assault rifles here. At the same time, they have slightly bigger clips and much higher rate of fire than sniper rifles. These weapons are perfect over short and medium distance (and over long distance, with a bit of practice). Still, they have several shortcomings. The small clip (10 rounds) requires the player to be highly accurate, to be effective. The same goes when the weapon is used over long distance – you require 2-4 hits (depending on the enemy’s armor) to kill and, as a result, you cannot miss.

There are two weapons of this type available in the game – Mk14 EBR and SKS. The below table presents information on all weapons in this group – damage dealt, clip size and ammo type, czy available firing modes.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes

Mk14 EBR

60 10 7.62 Semi-auto



50 10 7.62 Semi-auto

Note –

the above damage refers to damage taken by the opponent hit in the chest, without an armor. Damage dealt differs, depending on the armor type and damaged body part – See the chapter entitled “How to minimize damage taken”, for more information.

There are several things to remember, while using this type of weaponry:

  1. DMRs are powerful weapons that can be used as assault rifles and sniper rifles, provided that they are equipped with appropriate attachments.
  2. It is usually the case that versatile weapons do not exceed neither assault rifles nor sniper rifles, in terms of their effectiveness – the former are better over short and medium distance, whereas the latter are better over long distance.
  3. Both of the weapons in this group have small clips (10 rounds), especially when you consider their rate of fire. While conducting auto fire, you can deplete ammo within a second. Keep that in mind, especially while fighting at close range.
  4. As soon as you obtain a decent assault rifle, or any sniper rifle, do not hesitate to swap the DMR for the other weapon – in both cases, you will only gain from that.

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