The Bandage is a consumable item in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Bandage is a common item that heals a players health by 10 over 7 seconds, after a 4 second cast time. Bandages are probably the most common medical item in Battlegrounds, they heal much slower than a First Aid Kit and take longer to use. Therefore a player should always choose a First Aid Kit over bandages if available. As a general rule of thumb, a player should never need to carry more than 20 bandages at a time. It is also important to note that, like the First Aid Kit, bandages can only heal a player up to 75% health, after which point Boosters will need to be used.

In-game text

After a certain amount of time, Bandage heals character’s health up to 10 over time performing certain actions while casting this item can cancel the effect. Cannot heal character’s health over 75.

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